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Originally Posted by CHANGELING
When I rebuilt my M97 I replaced all bearings.FAG bearings do work out cheaper but there is one bearing from the output shaft front if I remember well which is a BMW only !! Prepare to bend over and be shafted.

Is my thread from years ago with bearing numbers. The good news is that if you get the shimming spot on it will shift like never before.
Thanks for the tip. I followed it and...

...the conclusion: I got my bike running again.

I took an M94 box with spotless gears and shafts but a broken frame mount. I bought new bearings for all but the big BMW bearing. That was well within service limits so I decided to keep it. Part numbers, for M94 shafts in an M97 case: 2x 6205, 1x 6204, 1x 6304, 1x 6303.

So right now my bike's got an M94 tranny, rebuilt to spec. It shifts ok (pretty much like before except it now finds all gears and stays there), no improvement. No more skipping or clanking in 2nd gear.

For anyone interested, I've got M97 shafts with good gears - if anyone needs them gimme a holler and we can work things out. All damage was on the 2nd gear fixed cog and the 4th gear mobile cog. Shift forks and selector are toasted.
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