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Thank you guys for commenting!
...good to hear Ruckus is well and ready to rumble again :o)

Not many days left now....

Day 11
Stockholm to Mikkeli

Early wake and spending many hours outside.

Siljaboat was behind us on slipstream whole nigth. At morning get it out from the stream
and pass us :o(

Meet at morning couple of my new friends from evening before. They where looking for an
alcoholmetre. I told them that they donīt need any one. Smelling alcohol so I have to remind
theme that police is there at harbour. Tip theme to push down the bike and take a few hours
walk in the city.
What did they do?

Well....two of them ride in the arms of this. Strange motorcyclists?!?

Spent to much time at the harbour for checking out how it went out. Few turns in
city of Helsinki before heading east

I really donīt like to ride in Finland on roads(yes, very good roads).
Finland is called, "country of the thousand lakes". The lakes can I see only on map and
GPS. Itīs only forest, forest and forest.
But...I really like to visit the old towns in the citys. They are often also occupied.

Porvo, one of the old towns

I did my laundy evening before. All was still wet. Have to let dry everything on bike. 45
minutes, change, 45 minutes in wind, change, 45....

Tumbledrier, petrol operated

At border to Russia. Now I have to turn, far as this from home I cant get in Finland.

Vaalimaa, russian border

Spent to much time at the harbour in Helsinki. Heading to Mikkeli and do
not many stops on my way there.

Camping Mikkeli

Next day....keeping north be continued
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