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Originally Posted by dynamos2000
its actually a sparkle dark grey (not sure what they call it but thats what it looks like).

The bike really sounds great stock so I'm not swappin any pipes. They have a backrest and luggage rack but I've gotta see it on another bike before I spend the money. Usually just use a backpack any more since I also use it at work, but I wouldn't mind a rack to put some things on.
If you shop carefully on eBay, you can sometimes find a deal on Leatherlyke sidecases for a couple of hundred bucks for a used set in excellent condition. I found some for my Magna that way, and they are about the same size as those for the Shadow. The Leatherlykes won't do anything for the looks while they are on the bike, but:

∙ They are detachable and when they are off, there are no unsightly brackets dangling from the accessory rails.

∙ They hold a LOT of stuff and keep the CG lower than a T-Bag or backpack of similar capacity would.

∙ They are mostly waterproof.

∙ They are lockable. Sometimes you just need to keep honest people honest, you know what I mean?
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