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For what it's worth I think the broad opinion the Wr250R engine doesn't need valves checked until 26,000 "because the book says so" isn't fixed in reality. Believe it or don't, I don't care one way or the other. What I do know from working on these bikes is I've found an exhaust valve clearance out of spec at 2500 miles, on a bike that has not been run hard. Very possible it had always been that way. All it takes is for one of the shims to have bounced over 2 slots in the shim box, and the wrong one was installed. Would that 2 thousandths too tight wreck that engine's valve seat before 26,000 miles? You bet it could. Would it with 100% certainty? Of course not. Would that bike be out of warranty before the owner reaches 26,000 miles? Make your own guess, but that''s a lot of miles in one year on a 250. These are mechanical devices that suffer from the same manufacturing tolerance stacking as any other. If an owner wants a dealership to check it, why vehemently discourage him spending his money, it ain't your money. What is peace of mind worth, particularly to an owner that isn't knowledgable about the engineering involved in a high rpm motorcycle engine.
All I'm saying is, a valve clearance check somewhere early in the life of that engine, be it 600 miles or 2000 miles,well, I know I'll darn sure sleep better if my $6000 investment was checked. Trust but verify is my motto.
I've got to say something about the statements that dealerships (and I'm not associated with one) routinely commit consumer fraud, well, that's just plain ridiculous. Think about that. Thousands of business owners going through their daily business operations have built in approval to commit Felony Theft. Are there some that do as a matter of routine? Sure. Criminal elements can be fished out anywhere. But to blanket thousands of reputable businesses with they all are crooked, they won't even touch your bike and charge you $$$, don't be a fool,etc. is beyond reason. Every business owner is aware the Justice system in multiple, multiple levels watches for fraud. It makes for great headlines for them when they nab someone.

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