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My two centavos: Avoid Samco's KTM-12 kit, because it won't fit an "off-the-shelf" LC8 bike. Go with their KTM-13 kit regardless of model or year 950/990.

Their kit for the 950 was dimenshioned for someone with a handmade radiator, and will prove impossible to fit typical 950 bikes. I learned this after well over a year going back-n-forth with Samco supplier, who eventually made good swapping KTM-12 for a KTM-13 kit. I am happy with the effortless fit and function of their KTM-13 kit on my 2004 KTM 950S. Avoid KTM-12 kit! The extra two pieces in its 9-pc are just the overflow tank tubing. The 7-pc KTM-13 is fine. Also you may prefer to source the hose clamps elsewhere, as Samco's were junk. I prefer smooth inside, with rolled-edge, stainless, like those from ABA in worm clamps!

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