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A funny thing happened on the way to the TAG location...

While on our way up from SF, CA, we were riding along northbound on Oregon SR 211 into Sandy. When we turned east on SR 26 we saw westbound runners as if it was a fun run or a fund raiser of some sort. After about 5 miles the runners only thickened. We eliminated the possibility of a 5 or 10 K run and flipped over to thinking it was a marathon, but why the elongated spacing over many miles?
We got all the way to Mt. Hood's high plateau and runners were still coming. That's over thirty miles.
We now have a motel at Hood River and we googled the run.
It's a relay from high on the Mount Hood Plateau all the way to Seaside, OR, a total of 12,000 runners over 197 miles.
I never saw so many runners over such a great distance.

More on the North American TAG soon.
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