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Originally Posted by NEVERLOST
will the rubber motor mounts be a big upgrade over previous years?
No. And they are not easily retrofitted, the mounting setup is completely different.

It seems a lot of newbies lug these things around and complain that it vibrates too much. The bike wasn't designed to be a cruiser. They even change the gearing so it will cruise freeway at a lower rpm. So Kaw 'improved' the design to try and isolate some more vibes at lower R's.

Once you get past five grand it's a non-issue. If you run it between five and eight grand like it was designed it runs really nice and you're in the meat of the power. Mine is not a commuter.

Vibes are nothing like my vstrom. Ever sit on a HD??

The biggest update to the 2010 is the new headlight and fairings. In any case, no one seems to think it's worth a couple of grand to pop for the new model, so they're scooping up the rest of the inventory from last year. LOTS of new owners showing up. Never heard of anyone that didn't like the bike.
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