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..Poland to Mongolia and back on XT600

This is going to be a report of a ride on a XT600 from Poland to Mongolia and hopefully back ;)
But before you start reading there are several things I need to tell you.

1. I am a terrible photographer. I can't take any good photos. I actually hardly can take any ;)
2. I ride XT 600 but I am probably the worst offroad rider ever. To be honest with you I hate off road riding so DO NOT expect any pictures of a wild nature and so on. Also see point number 1.
3. Not only that I can't take a pictures or can't ride off road but I am also a terrbile mechanic. At least due to that point reading my story might be interesting for you in case something goes wrong with the bike ;)
4. I decided to take the most boring way to do this - only via Russia. No "-stans". And I decided NOT to use transsibirian railway. I wanted to feel the size of Russia. So there will be many days on the road and very little time in Mongolia. Of course if I can get there ;)
5. I am a low budget traveller.

I will try to describe every single day separately. Maybe this way you will find out how stupid it is to take so boring road

I was supposed to start on 3rd of July but somehow I realised I do not have my visas. Ok, after one week (another D-day) I had my visas but felt bad vibration. This is not a joke, I always follow my intuition. So after all I started on 11th of July 2010 AD.

If you accept at least some of the things I warned you about - you are welcome to read!
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