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Breaking News

Tehran, Iran
1 September 2010

Mahmoud Armanidinnerjacket, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, announced today that all research and testing research and production of nuclear energy was being halted immediately.

In an open press conference, he noted, "We are tired of being billed as a rogue nation and are anticipating that this concession to western powers will allow us to have full and free access to the new Triumph Tiger 800 DS".

He added, "I mean, what's the point of having nuclear weapons on hand if there is any chance at all that they might harm one of these marvelous new bikes?"

Commenting on the remarks, the Grand Ayatollah of the Islamic Republic of Iran opined, "The new Triumph Tiger 800 DS will open the doors to world peace and a universal harmony that would please Prophet Mohammed if he were alive today".
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