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Originally Posted by ganze
I believe that is a drawing of the constellation Triumphus Tigris (Latin?) found carved in a lodestone from the recently discovered site of the Ark on mount Ararat in eastern Turkey.

It is speculated (wildly so) that the pilot of the ark used the lodestone to guide the animals to safety by directing the ark toward what we now know to be north.

What we can know is that the pilot of the ark had this new motorcycle on his mind as he was thinking about how hardcore his situation was and how much he would have appreciated an adjustable seat, tall windscreen, upright riding position, steel frame and a large gas tank. I mean, how comfortable would that floating zoo have been after several weeks?
Good eye. The image is eerily similar to the carvings found in recently unearthed tombs Central America. Co-inky-dink? I think not.

Regarding your opinion on comfort regarding the the Truimph Tiger 800 DS, I have little doubt that 40 days and 40 mights in the saddle of the Trumphy would be like a picnic at Camp Snoopy compared to even two days aboard the ark.

BTW, did you know why the two snakes could not go forth and multiply like the other animals who left the ark?

They were adders.
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