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Originally Posted by junker
This is a great thread!

I've been reluctant to post any ride reports, especially prior to the split between the big trips and the day trips forums. Most of the riding I do is local and just for a fun few hours. Even though I really love my little rides, my thinking has been along the lines of "who in their right mind would want to read about a day ride in NJ?"

This site is great for trip info/inspiration and I'm leaving Saturday for a week-long trip through the Northeast using some of the info I've gotten from other inmates. It's still pretty "local" on some accounts but it's a huge deal to me - it's going to be my first solo multi-day trip in about 20 years. If it weren't for all of the reports I've read on this site, great or otherwise, I wouldn't be doing it.

For me at least, thinking about how to share my experiences will add a lot to the trip and give me something to think about to bring the experience more into-the-moment and keep the devils at bay.

Thanks everyone!
While NJ is your backyard it is new and different to those who have never been there. I hope you decide to share your first solo multi-day trip in about 20 years.
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