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Hondo's 2003 R1150RT DIY Dashboard

I wanted a dashboard for my 2003 R1150RT and decided to make my own instead of buying one.

First I laid out the shape of the dash on cardboard -

Then I cut a few short lengths of steel for brackets, drilled mounting holes in them, then mounted the brackets to the fairing -

I then "eyeball marked" where I wanted the bend to be on the first bracket, squared it up in the vise and hammered it into the angle (took a few tries to get the angle correct) -

After I got the first bracket made I duplicated the angle for the 2nd one.

The brackets on the fairing -

I set the cardboard mockup on the brackets to do some more eyeball measurements -

I sat my Garmin 205 GPS on the mockup to see what angle would work best while seated -

I traced the cardboard template onto an aluminum sheet and cut out the dash. It took some time to file & smooth the edges.

Then I then made an aluminum mount (bent in the vise) to velcro the GPS to. I cut a notch for the power cord -

The I removed the mounts, drilled holes to mount the dash to, and countersunk the holes in the dash (the screws need to be flush with the dash so that a smooth surface is available for velcro mounting). I also secured the GPS mount plate to the dash. All hardware is stainless steel-

Then I painted it flat black and added the velcro to mount the GPS and radar detector. I mounted the radar detector on the left side at first but decided to move it to the right due to the power cord location on the unit -

Then I had to hard wire the GPS and the radar detector.

The Garmin 205 GPS requires a 5 volt power supply, and they normally achieve this by way of a small circuit inside the cigarette lighter power cord. So I ordered a cigarette lighter adapter cord off of eBay for $5.00 shipped (vs a "Hardwire cord" for $20) and used it.

What I had to do was to remove the circuit from the cigarette lighter housing and waterproof it. I did this using a hot glue gun, and then I wrapped it all in electrical tape.

The radar detector didn't have this requirement, though there was a resistor inside the cig lighter adapter (12v feed).

I found this pin in this connector had a switched 12 volt supply available (I spliced into the lower right wire) that I used as my 12v power supply (it's a lighting circuit).

For those that don't know what "switched hot" is, that means that 12 volts will only be available when the key is in the ON position.

here is a view of the dash with the units mounted, cables installed - I used rubber grommets to protect the cables) -

Here are a few pics of the completed project -

I also ordered a GlareStomper GPS shade to kill the glare on the Garmin.
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