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Originally Posted by cjm1219
Thanks for the responces.

I cleaned, oiled and replaced air filter. Was dirtier than i expected.

Put in a new spark plug. Still not getting anything. Not even a cough. Looks like i am getting spark, but maybe not getting any gas in the cylnder? All my mechanical skill have come from experimenting and reading the internet, so they aren't great.

What is the spark plug gap? I read on another thread .7-.8. Is this correct.

Anyother ideas before i take it to a pro.

After you try to start it remove the plug and see if it is wet with fuel then you will know if the cylinder is getting fuel.Then hook spark plug back up and lay against the cylinder(use the clutch cable to hold it in place)and kick over to check for a good blue spark.It will probably be easier if someone else kicked it over while you watch for spark.I think the plug cap you stated is correct.
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