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Originally Posted by raptortrail
After you try to start it remove the plug and see if it is wet with fuel then you will know if the cylinder is getting fuel.Then hook spark plug back up and lay against the cylinder(use the clutch cable to hold it in place)and kick over to check for a good blue spark.It will probably be easier if someone else kicked it over while you watch for spark.I think the plug cap you stated is correct.
I got a nice spark, but no fuel in the cylinder. Plug not wet or even smells of gas after kicking it for a minute or so.

Do I dare go exploring in the carb for a fuel delievry issue or find me a mechanic that will work for cheap? For the record I know nothing about carbs but do have a pretty good mechnical mind.

The fuel filter looks new and fuel is flowing freely through it.

Also, when I got the bike it had what looked like the original air filter in it. Which had about a 3 in hole right through the center, with most the foam missing. Could some of this be stuck somewhere in the carb and making things not work correctly? It had to go somewhere.

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