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Originally Posted by HighwayChile
at least the indian had a cool engine.

my attempt at a list,
- back in the late 70's a friend had one of those 500 2 cyl yamaha, DOHC, dog turd brown, should of been a good bike, odd handling, gear snatch big time, really bland and a real turd.

-TM400 suzuki, looked good, that was it, evil bike, would bitch slap anyone, then blow up.

-70's 500 yamaha MX, lasted about 30min on a rebuild. real turd.

-worse gear box of all, any thing bultaco made.
-worse clutch, anything Maico made.
-worse handeling, any chopper ever made.
-runner up for worse handling my 71' 125MX yamaha, i did the yamaha hop all to often, results were either, flying W or pile driven in to the ground .

-turd hall of fame, royal enfields from india. although i have heard they have improved

that BMW 650 for metrosexuals is really ugly, the goony one, I cant look at it w/o laughing or blowing chips but it has a hell of a motor
Chili - That is a VERY accurate list in my book. But I'd add another contender for the tranny pig of all time; the Sachs 125 with that goofy shifting rod. On other hand, two of the sweetest motors I experienced in those days were the CZ Falta and the Bultaco Pursang 250's. But I never had the chance to wear out either. Just courtesy rides...
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