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Originally Posted by JurgenB
Has anyone tried the Cardo G4 with more than 4 Riders? It seems like one could connect them by extending the daisychain:

Riders 1-2 - Channel A
Riders 2-3 - Channel B
Riders 3-4 - Channel A
Riders 4-5 - Channel B
Riders 5-6 - Channel A

and so on. Would this work? Where is the limitation?
I first thought each channel can only be used for one connection but connecting 4 riders according to the Cardo manual already requires using channel A twice.
Theoretically, I guess it could work. At first I was going to say distance would be the limitation, but technically, if everyone is riding in the order they are connected, you only need to keep each rider in front and behind you in range since the voice is being passed through each unit.

But as much trouble as we are having getting 3 units connected, I couldn't imagine trying to get everyone connected and keeping them connected. That would be a fun experiment to try.
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