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Originally Posted by SaferMoto
You seem to continue to insinuate that these are not effective and obviously they are.
Why you would want to discourage the product?
If you think they are a stupid and ineffective, that's lovely, don't get one.
You seem to misinterpret my posts. I'm just asking logical questions. Car airbags inflate instantly. I wonder if these vests inflate fast enough, especially if it has to pull a tether first. It would be better if it had a sensor on the motorcycle that activated the vest when it detected a level of deceleration only possible in an accident. But there could be situations where the rider decelerates and the bike doesn't. Much, if not most, of our modern protective gear has been developed through racing experience. Those guys crash way more often and at higher speeds, but they usually don't have to worry about SUVs. I think the idea has possibilities, but there are still bugs to be worked out. If it took the place of bulky body armor and provided the same protection in a more comfortable suit, that would be great.
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