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Originally Posted by Waco Kid
YIt would be better if it had a sensor on the motorcycle that activated the vest when it detected a level of deceleration only possible in an accident. But there could be situations where the rider decelerates and the bike doesn't.
I've been wondering about this. Most obvious issue with the tether is remembering to hook it up. Second is that if you don't separate from the bike, your airbag won't inflate, though I don't know how often that's actually occur or not.

For the electronic version there seem to be plenty of gyros and accelerometers that could fit into a small crash sensor package. You'd need to include some logic regarding what accelerations and orientations counted as crash situations. If you've lowsided the bag should inflate, but not if you're scraping knee or peg as part of a turn. Guessing that logic would take a while to get right cutting the false negatives and positives and encoding sensor inputs into a model of controlled vs. crash situations. That alone would be very expensive in terms of development time and product liability issues. You'd also need a solenoid or something to actually trigger inflation of the bag, and the whole shooting match would need power.

Which is probably why it's taken Dainese so very long to release a version triggered by an electronics package. Seems like it still might be a while before that makes it into the commodity price range.

And actually, I have a suspicion that the tether covers a lot of typical crash situations, as long as you remember to hook it up. Of course, that hypothesis should be tested :)
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