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Originally Posted by Mullet5
Hell no they didn't write instructions!

A few thousandths out of spec? I bet these damn things are a few tenths off. I think I forgot to mention just how bad these bikes are. They are listed as having 10hp when new, and I have no idea how old these bikes are. No odometer, no speedometer. But I'd wager that they have no more than 6hp. When I get the first one done I will be taking it to Derek at Motolab to put it on the dyno, just for laughs.
Okay, let's order some high compression squish band pistons, spend a few hundred on porting, modify the airbox and tune the exhaust. I'll bet we can get 12 hp out of it. Dual plug it, add a high output ignition and we can get it to 14 hp. We're well within reach of a 450 cc boxer now. Can we grind down some of those welds to lighten up the fram a bit. And add a brace, new forks, a steering damper and an Ohlins shock. This is going to be the hottest Minsks ever. Will it carry 6 of my favorite firends thorugh town?

Where can we get some original Minsks decals for the tank?

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