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Originally Posted by BlueLghtning
Hey, I'm trying to get some help here and see if anyone has had any luck with 1 G4 and 2 Q2's connected together reliably.

My wife and I have Scala Q2's that we've been using a lot over the past year with great results. I'm very familiar with the Q2's and all the little quirks like using Vox, Manual connection, syncing with my cell, etc. I'm even familiar with resetting the connection between the two Q2's and resetting them up.

My dad just got a G4 to use on a trip we are currently on. He debated on getting the Q2 since technically him and I could still talk on channel B, but I told him the G4 would allow the 3 of us to connect and he would get stereo BT, so he opted for the G4. I've read the manual on the G4 and I think I understand everything, but getting the G4 to work like it should seems to be a bit more cumbersome then the Q2's.

The first thing I noticed is the G4 is way slower connecting to things. There is a much longer delay when you attempt to start a conversation. The other thing I noticed is getting the VOX to work is also way more PITA. It takes a much louder and sterner noise to activate it compared to our Q2's. The VOX on our Q2's works very nicely, but not so on the G4. I will say the actual voice letting you know Rider A & B have connected is nice ad on, but man that connection process is slow.

The original setup we tried was my wife and I are both connected on the Q2's on channel A as our default. Then I synced my channel B with my Dad's G4 (Channel A). Then we synced his G4 (Channel B) with my wife's Q2 Channel B. This should technically allow my wife and I to continue to talk to each other like normal. Then if I want to talk to my Dad, I can hit the MC button twice to connect to my rider B or hold the volume button up until I hear the 2 beeps and that tells me my VOX will default to rider B. If my wife and I are connected directly, then my Dad can't be in the conversation, but if he connects to each of us with his G4 using both Chan A&B, then it creates a 3 way with our connection going through his G4. Now we technically got this to work a few times, but its not reliable at all. Some of it is the learning curve of my Dad learning a new system, but we've ran into other issues.

My Dad can connect fine to me or my wife by pressing the respective A or B button that we are each on. However once one of us is connected, getting that 2nd person connected just doesn't seem to work. He should at any time be able to add/delete Rider A or B from the conversation by pressing the respective button on his G4, but it just doesn't work like that. You hit the button and nothing happens. The other big issue is that the majority of the time, I cannot establish a conversation with my Dad once my wife and I have connected. All 3 of us can be on standby and I should be able to just connect to him, but most of the time I just get a beep/beep. Its funny because I think my wife and I will both get the beep/beep even though her and I aren't in a conversation and its just one of us trying to connect to him. So at that point, if I want to reach my Dad, I have to point at my headset so he can start the conversation. If we want to get a 3 way to work, he's got to turn his off, then back on, then he's got to establish the 3 way with my wife and I. Once we disconnect from that conversation and my wife and I just connect to each other directly, it seems to break something and after that, I can't re-connect to him. Its become very frustrating.

Things I have tried. We have reset all syncing between the G4 & Q2's multiple times. I tried first syncing each Q2 to the G4 on their respectable channel A's and having my wife and I be on channel B with each other. I also thought about just breaking the connection between my wife and I meaning we'd always have to connect through my Dad, but we do like to talk to each other in private and honestly, we shouldn't have to go through that garbage to get them to work!

Just for reference, my Dad's G4 is synced to his Zumo 550 which is synced to his cell. My wife and I have our cell's synced to our Q2's, but none of this should affect the way the G4's & Q2's talk to each other.

I haven't tried updating the firmware on the G4, and I think I might try that today. I'll play around with this some more, but so far I'm a bit disappointed in how the G4 is interacting with the Q2's.
Just an update on this. We are still on the trip. I did update my Dad's firmware from 2.1 to 2.3 on his G4. That didn't seem to change anything though.

He seems to be able to reliably connect to me at will if he wants, but I still can't connect to him with any regularity. Whether I have him as Channel A or B on my Q2, I can only get a connection with the manual tap and it still doesn't work all the time. I don't think I've ever been able to get my VOX to connect to him, even by changing the priority of connecting to Buddy A or Buddy B. Also, getting a 3 way connection going is hit or miss.

Today at lunch, we tried something different where I re-synced all 3 units, but instead of syncing my wife and I to each other, I only synced our Q2's to his G4 on his A & B channel respectively and didn't sync our Q2's together at all. That seemed to make a 3 way conversation very easy, but obviously we can't talk to each other alone and can only talk through my Dad's unit. I guess that is how we'll stay for the rest of the trip since it allows all 3 of us to talk reliably, but that shouldn't be the way we should have to do things. Our Q2's have 2 channels also (albeit, they can't be used at the same time), but we should have no issues connecting to each other when we want and to another G4 unit with out getting the screwy behavior we are.

I will say that even though we are on Q2's and he's on a G4 and they say the limiting factor on distance will be the lower unit, but just having his G4 in the mix seems to help. I'm usually in the lead with my wife behind me, and my Dad bring up the rear. So on a 3 way, my Dad and I have the greater distance between us. There were times where he was out of sight and I know if it was just my wife and I on our Q2's, we'd be getting the static, but it stayed crystal clear. I guess that little antenna on his G4, does help some.
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