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Originally Posted by cug
It was the same for me. The bike fitted me like an old and loved glove. The problem for me was that I couldn't move around even a bit. It was a "there or nowhere" fit. Also the test ride gave me some unexpected insights.

Bought an R1200GS about a month ago. No GSA - I don't like the looks, though my wife does. But she likes the GS, too.

I was reading a post of yours way back around page 100 or so where you were comparing the ride of the MS1200 to the BMW F800GS.

Ironically, I found quite the opposite to your comments. I find my F800GS is more vibey, especially in the upper RPM range. I found the MS to be very maneuverable in slow steering lock turns in a tight parking lot. ( not unlike the GS ) I did notice the fueling issue at lower RPMs but it didn't take me more than 5 minutes to realize I was riding a Duc with 7 year old BMW habits. As soon as I started utilizing the engine within the RPM range it was designed for, I was treated to an incredibly exhilarating ride! I also found much more leg room on the MS than on my F800.

Having said all that, I was just as happy to jump back on my F800GS after test riding the Duc.

In my opinion, I can't honestly compare it to other bikes like the GSA or R1100S or F800GS or any other bike I have owned. The MS is in my opinion, a bike unto its' own.
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