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Originally Posted by Pete O Static
Ironically, I found quite the opposite to your comments. I find my F800GS is more vibey, especially in the upper RPM range.
The reason why I don't care for this is that I don't ride in that rev range very often. It's plain not my style.

Originally Posted by Pete O Static
As soon as I started utilizing the engine within the RPM range it was designed for, I was treated to an incredibly exhilarating ride! I also found much more leg room on the MS than on my F800.
The issue is that I don't like the way the MS (at least without modifications to the FI system) requires you to ride does neither match my habits nor my taste. I plain don't like engines I have to rev to get usable behaviour. I also prefer Diesel engines over Otto (Gas) engines.

You can probably sum it up to the point that the MultiStrada does look like a bike that matches my style perfectly but when getting on it, this turns out to be completely wrong. It doesn't match my style at all. Therefore I would love it when having a blast on a curvy road, but I wouldn't like it every other day. There were just too many things completely wrong for me with this bike. Personal taste ...
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