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Each rider brings her or her own style to the report


For what it's worth, I made up my mind a year before departure what kind of report I would write. My route was not well documented. In fact it was not confirmed as possible, even by experienced riders.

It drove me nuts trying to get clear, specific, useful information about routes, distances, towns, ferries and other important facts. I trawled every blog I could find, becoming embittered and outraged at the self-indulgence of the blog concept, and eventually left without knowing whether I would be able to complete the trip.

Personal anecdotes, people that riders meet, misadventures ... can be amusing if you are in the mood for it, but I think they mean a lot more to the rider than anybody reading about it.

So, I was determined to keep my report well-organised, easily searchable, and with facts separate from personal reflection. I decide a FaceBook "fan page" was the best solution (but far from perfect). I was able to sort photos into segments corresponding to maps, as well as providing separate notes about stuff that would otherwise be hard to discover.

One think that really sucks about FB is that it tries to order your photo albums according to the date that you loaded them. Very, very annoying. When I added the last album, after my return, it was positioned first. So then I had to upload and delete a photo in every other album to get the ordering right again.

Short of making a dedicated web site, what other approaches are available for user-friendly report that will endure?

Oh yeh .. it's here!/pages/Borneo-Adventure-Ride/126919557338575?ref=sgm

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