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Originally Posted by Lammy1000
I sold my Helix to a friend, then bought a 2003 Reflex. Now we trade off during rides. Both are great bikes, even the dated looking Helix is a quick steering, fun mmachine. The problem for me with the Helix is that the more reclined seating position puts compressive forces on my spine, especially with the worn out shocks. With updated shocks and a drivers backrest I could ride for hours. Reflex feels more like a small motorcycle with better (but not great) suspension. Helix has more torque at midrange, while the Reflex has a slightly better top end. My Reflex does have the mod where you remove 3 of the six rollers-really needed to wake up the power band.
Is this the "K-Mod" ? I'd really like to know more about it. My Reflex is a bit sluggish and no where near as smooth as my Piaggio bv200. Does this mod rectify this? Any and all info on this mod is appreciated. I belong to the Yahoo Reflex site but can't stand the new design Yahoo is doing of their boards.

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