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It's home!

Got the R1150RT home yesterday afternoon. Took about nine hours to travel the 400 miles. Spent some time in McCall thawing out a bit and having lunch. starting melting around Riggins. By the time i got home I was pooped. I put the bike up on the center stand, Nanc comes out and first tries out the pillion. Says it's very comfortable. THEN, she slips into the front seat and says she likes that too.

We agree I get to pilot for 4-5 years, and then she takes command. (Maybe I'll have to get another bike by then). She says I'll be so old by then that maybe she'll get me a sidecar! Smart *ss!

First impressions; totally different feel than the Dakar, DAH! Smooth and quiet. I came out of McCall doing 55, then looked down at speedo to see I was actually doing 85..there is no sense of speed on this bike! Did the twisties up between Boise and McCall and then from New Meadows to Riggins so easily I had to force myself to slow down. Pulled up White Bird like is was flatland.

O.K., time to stop! Two great bikes in less than a year, that's enough. Still have lots to learn.

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