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Double fun.

First part. I love the story. Mullet5, your sentiments are absolutely in the right place on this one. I'll be following the progress.

Second part. I love the link to "top gear". I've never even heard of the show and just finished those eight episodes without pause... leaning forward with a smile on my face and not even realizing it.

I was immediately sold right at the start with the show's theme. I'd watched a few minutes of VH1 "top 100 artists of all time" the night before and got bored and looked up the list on the internet. lynyrd skynyrd made the list. Sad enough when you think about the world of music being whittled down to 100 "top" artists. Ok, put them at 101 if you must. Fair enough. So I went looking for the Allman Brothers.

WWWHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTT the fuck? No Allman Brothers? They place lynyrd skynyrd and completely pass on the Allman Bros? I was so dissappointed in humanity I could have wept.

So I open the link to "top gear" today and there she is. The instrumental 'Jessica' woven into the opening theme... of a wonderfully witty British show highlighting an adventure in Vietnam. Class act. There's hope for us yet.
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