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Originally Posted by Mark Manley
I know that this is slightly off subject, but can you actually watch top gear on the telly in the US? It is shown throughout the world on the BBC world service but I thought that it was pulled in North America several years ago when the car companies, who influence what you can see through advertising revenue, complained to the satelite and cable companies about the content.
When top gear tests a car and think that it is rubbish they actually say "this car is a load of rubbish, don't buy it", something they have said about some American cars on more than one occasion. Not that they pick on American cars, the BMW X3 was declared about the most pointless car you can buy, a useless saloon car and a useless four wheel drive.
I am interested to know.
As you might have noticed Hammond and May are both motorcyclists and Clarkson hates them.
It plays on BBC America every few days.
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