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Originally Posted by Valleyrider
These statements about "Thawing out in McCall" are inconsistent with my experience after living there for 11 years....
People go there to "Fast Freeze" things!!!
I started out nice an warm in Boise, temp probably in the low 70's. By the time i got to McCall, I was COLD! Stopped for coffee and a late breakfast, suited back up, and headed toward Riggins. By New Meadows I was warm, at Riggins it was in the mid-90's. Once up to Grangeville, the rest of the ride was nice and warm, but physically numbing. Not used to riding that many miles in one day. The bike sure is comfortable though.

Do you the name of the restaurant in McCall that the bike is parked in front of? From inside, you can look down at the marina and watch the sailboats. They had a great bacon and egg breakfast!
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