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Originally Posted by Jamie Z
I'm planning to ride up through Missouri and Illinois this upcoming Sun/Mon/Tue and map what I can of those states' MRT. Several people in this thread have mentioned having tracks, routes, or points for parts of those states, but I haven't gotten any data yet.

First, does anyone want to join me for all or part? I'm leaving Memphis on Sunday around noon, I suppose. The Tennessee portion of the route should be complete, but as I've mentioned there, is one area which needs to be checked out. Then up through Kentucky. Don't know if I'll cross the Hickman Ferry over to Missouri first, or if I'll go up through Cairo first. I ought to be in either Southern Missouri or Southern Illinois on Monday, heading north and returning in the opposite state on Tuesday.

Second, if you have GPS data for either of these states, please email or post that information.

Jamie, I got my CX back up running recently,and on Wednesday 9/15 I rode more of the route from Downtown St. Louis to almost the St. Louis - St. Charles County line @ the Missouri River. There are some spots where the MRT takes the local bike pathway, so I created a route on the closest street to rejoin the route.

PM sent regarding the GPS data, and a possible meetup! Gotta get out in the garage and work on my intermittent ignition switch!
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