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Originally Posted by dave6253
So that's how you do it. Interesting approach. The older I get the more I appreciate history.
The history part is appealing to me because too many rides, especially the popular ones, sometimes become a "race" of sorts to cover the route in a certain period of available time.

Like many others, if I am going somehwere, I like to do more than just enjoy the roads and trails. I can do that without taking a long trip. It is much richer to take in some of the local sights and history. I especially appreciate visiting places knowing something about what happened there in the past. It is nice to be able to share a little of that to entertain the next rider (or save someone the trouble of repeating the research).

The difficult part is doing decent research ahead of time. As difficult as that is trying to cook down long stories to a couple of sentences that tell enough in a ride report.

Of course, not everyone is interested in or entertained by a report style that incorporates history and side trips.

One of the most important points to remember in this thread is that there is no description of an "ideal" or "preferred" report style.

Reader's interests vary and they read what they are interested in. Pointers about photo size and too much text are very useful just as are some other basic tenets of producing media. Just as there are a wide variety of book and movie subjects and styles (thankfully), so it is for ride reports as well.
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