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I just found this thread as a result of the link on Dave6253's latest RR. I've been wondering if there was a thread like this. I just read the whole thing. Lots of great info

I have a few thoughts from the standpoint of a RR reader. I do read a lot of Ride reports.
First, I have enjoyed many different and diverse RR's. I like the epic trips by Metaljockey, Colebatch, Rtwdoug, etc and I also like shorter and far from Epic trips. IMO, the biggest thing that good ride reports have in common is that the author put some effort into them.

As much as I like reading about epic trips to exotic locations, I also enjoy reading about trips that I could possibly do some day. One of the hardest thing to capture in a ride report is showing the pure joy, and/or thrill of riding. When someone can do that He/she has my attention. Idave is a good example of this.

My favorite RR so far is Kaneman's epic trip back on 2007. There were many thing I found interesting about his trip but the one thing that really stood out was the interaction between Josh and many of the inmates who were reading his RR. His trip would have been completely different if no one got involved with him and his journey.

I think that interaction between the author and the readers can add a lot to a report. Yes, some reports have so many responses that it overwhelms the report but most reports probably could use more interaction.

For example Dave6253 acknowledges those who respond in his report. Just as the author's appreciate feedback, so do the readers who take the time to write a meaningful reply. I think that dialogue between author and reader makes it more personal and makes it more likely that the reader will come back for more.

I do have one pet peeve: Posting multiple pics with no break in between. It pretty much ruins the report IMO.

Enough rambling for now. Great thread
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