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Well it was just poor lonesome me on my day off today so I decided to go for a ride. I didn't have a plan when I left the house, just hopped on the Strom and headed West.

1st stop was to admire all the new white paint at McGill's

As I continued on contemplating a destination this little road side sign caught my eye.

Now to get the full history of this route I recommend reading a dlrides ride report!!

CLICK HERE to check out where he traced the whole route, and not just the "commemorative motor route" either. You see, American Patriots marched down from the mountains of VA, TN & NC to fight the battle of Kings Mtn in SC. As I may have mentioned before, it was a pivotal victory for the USA in the Revolutionary War against the British and those loyal to the King.

Now I myself have seen those signs scattered bout the region but have never purposed to follow them...the first place the signs took me was downtown Gaffney. (I usually try to avoid downtowns)

That is also where I lost the signs....but found this cabin.

But I knew there were more of those signs heading West on the Cherokee Foothills Scenic Parkway....

This cotton looks to be close to harvest time.

The route would lead me to the Cowpens Battle field, another important victory in creating the US of A!

I decided a lap around the field was in order and I wasn't alone.

Scruggs, not Earl's

This might be the actual road the Patriots would have used.

Back on the commemorative motor route....I knew that it separated from the CFSP for a little ways but had never followed this section before. Looks like new signs have been put up in some places.

90 degrees to my right...

This is what the old signs look(ed) like. It was also the last sign I would see, so if you want to trace this route I suggest getting a map of it ahead of time.

...and some lil' piggy pron..

I hadn't researched the route before heading out, shooot I didn't even know where I was headed when I left the house!
So just for giggles I tried to see if I could download a map on my phone...and wouldn't ya know, it worked!!

....but the route looked to be taking some main roads through the middle of more towns

I didn't care to do that....but I did have an idea where I wanted to go next.
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