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Originally Posted by sanjoh
Yep that was me. I was on looong conference call otherwise I would have come out to say hi. It is a do it all bike, the ninjas are so inexpensive to begin with, I just bought the wife a brand new 09 er6n for<4k. Just turned over 17k miles riding in Missouri today. SE Missouri is sweet, great twisties, gravel, dirt, best of the temp was < 80 great change from FL.
Awesome, I figured it was you.

Yeah, the Ninja 650R's are dirt cheap and such great engines. We bought my wife's 08 salvaged with 1k miles on it for pretty cheap (all minor cosmetic damage). She put 17k miles on it before we sold it for $2500 and that ended up being pretty cheap as my phone blew up from the calls. I thought the rebuilt title was going to hold people back, but they jumped all over it.

I owned a KLR for awhile and I really wasn't a fan of it. I think I'd much enjoy turning a bike like this into a fun DS.

The Vstrom is my ideal bike for general riding, but I don't like to get it in too serious off road and the 17/19 tires don't have the tire options a 18/21 would. I think the Ninja 650R (or SV) turned DS bike would make a nice dual sport that is way lighter then a Vstrom, more capable off road, but can easily eat the miles up in between too.
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