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From Russia to Crimea, Ukraine

Hi everyone!

I was very impressed with the report by George from Greece

about his trip to Turkey and the Crimea, but unfortunately, due to the loss of his wallet with documents and money he was forced to cancel trip to the Crimea and return home. So I decided to acquaint you more closely with the Crimea. My husband and I were in the Crimea 2 times: in 2009. and now, 3 weeks ago. In 2009, we drove 3500km, and in 2010 - 3640 km. Here are photos of our two visits. A lot of photos, little text)))

Ok, let's start!

Crimean peninsula - Autonomous Republic, which is part of Ukraine. In the east, the road from the mainland passes through the salt lake that borders the Sea of Azov

Feodosiia. The city was founded by Greek colonists from the VI century BC. er. Previously, it was the largest trading port on the Black Sea. Now Feodosiia resort town with a small port and with ruins of Genuezsk fortress Kafa.

In the port you can take a tour on the boat, as in most other coastal towns.

Koktebel. A small village known for its factory of vintage cognacs, an extinct volcano Karadag and "Golden Gate" - a rock in the form of a huge arch. On the pic is written "Cognacs Country "

Sudak. One of our favorite Crimean towns. At the waterfront there is a very famous place - Biker pub, where travelers arrive on motorcycles. You can always get to know lots of people, meet old friends. Every evening is live music - rock band, last year there were dancing girls, this year they were not. My husband was upset In this pub you can stay free for the night, sleep at the table on benches with soft cushions

I just new! To my great regret, my friends told me that there is no pub! In 2012 the owner sold everything and now there is a street market!. Pab was in the beginning of the street Morskaya, on the first line.

In Sudak is genuezsskaya fortress. Because of its beauty, well preserved, Sudak fortress is often used as a colorful nature in historical, adventure and fantasy films.

We rented a quad bike and with a guide on Yamaha XT went to Cape Meganom. Magnificent views!

Alushta. Lovely resort with plenty of monuments to soldiers killed during the war against fascism.

Yalta. Perhaps the most central and expensive city of the southern Crimea, famous people like to have a rest there. Lenin monument stands on the promenade not because of the fact that they're still fans of communism, but as part of the story, and fits well with the surrounding landscape.
In 2009, someone told us that every evening, on the seafront of Yalta gather bikers. In 2010, we have specially in the evening arrived at the promenade. We found the people on bikes, but we were somewhat discouraged: there is some big bikes with illumination, and for the money you can be photographed on this bike, and there are some specific choice of leather clothing, and for a fee - photos in this dress on a motorcycle! no spirit, only business! Generally, on the seafront of the Crimean towns, we often seen riders, with a sign saying "photo on the bike" and «ride a motorcycle», and it`s all for the money.

Yalta Zoo. Interesting place, at the entrance sells animal feed, and for each species of animals - their food.

Mountain Ai-Petri. You can climb out of Yalta on the funicular railway, but it's not interesting. Much better - very good-looking and steep mountain serpentine. Upstairs - very beautiful views and countryside, where they sell the skins and very tasty food: kebab, pilaf, manta rays, and of course wine. On Ai-Petri we were last year. Unfortunately, this year, because of the threat of forest fires, the mountain road was closed, as well as national parks. Very, very pity!

Swallow's Nest. It is a symbol of Southern Crimea. The palace was built in 1912 for the famous oil magnate. Now in the Swallow's Nest is Italian restaurant.

Cape Sarich. We met with the moto travelers from Moldova, and they showed us a very interesting place: the most southern point of the Crimea - Cape Sarich, a wild beach with rocks, from which you can jump into the water, the water is very clean! At this point there is a camp with tents and trailers, tent can be rented, I think we will do so next time.

The Faroese Church

Balaklava. Famous for its underground factory for repair and equipment of submarines. The factory is located inside the rock on the western shore of the bay and has access from the sea. The factory is designed for a direct hit by an atomic bomb up to 100 Kt, and it can accommodate up to three thousand people and had deployed a life support system. In the factory hall seats up to seven submarines. In 1994, last submarine went from Balaclava and the factory ceased operations and was sacked. Now part of the factory is a museum. Recently, it was filmed «SOLDIER OF FORTUNE» with Christian Slater

Sevastopol. City - Hero (World War II). Base of the Navy of Russia.

I love military equipment

Chersonese. Was founded at the end of V BC. er. and in 1399g. the town was destroyed. Now at this point are carried out archaeological excavations. On the ruins of an amphitheater often hold concerts.

Inkerman. Cave Monastery, acting, so I'm in a skirt

Bakhchisarai. Khan Palace and the Uspenskiy Monastery in the rock.

When traveling along the southern coast of Crimea, moving between towns, you feel real pleasure of beautiful views and mountain serpentines (be careful they are slippery, because the wind from the sea causing salt, and cars tires are all polish).

In Crimea, very friendly people, and everything is very cheap, but you must understand that this is not Europe but the former socialist countries, so the quality of life is significantly lower.
On the night you can stay in the "private sector", almost all local residents on the coast give their homes for rent, and you always see people with a "rent a room ", you must bargain, but you must clearly pronounce: Is there a shower and a toilet in your room or only one on a few rooms, or just on the garden. Is there hot water, if there is parking for motorcycle, and how far from the sea is located. Most likely you'll have to look at several homes before you enjoy it. Very often in the room no toilet paper and towels.

On the roads of Ukraine and Crimea (Russia and Belarus as well) if you see that oncoming cars flashing to your headlights - this means that ahead on the road will be the police: Slow down your speed to the permissible and not violate traffic regulations. If you have passed the police - you can warn the oncoming vehicles.
If you are stopped for violations and you have been told to pay a fine straight to cop (a bribe), you have to bargain and drop prices. Yes, I know that sounds terrible, but this specificity of Russia and Ukraine. In Belarus, the police does not take bribes, there is this all seriously.
In our travels, we often meets with the same moto travelers and some time went along (you can see these people on the published photo). If you have any problems, such as George from Greece - find bikers, and ask for help, they will never fail. In Crimea, a lot of interesting places that are worth a look, I hope next year we will continue our journey to the Crimea.

That seems to be all, I hope you liked my report.

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