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Originally Posted by Gummee!
If ya don't wanna go all-in, Inov8 is making some 'real shoes' that imitate the Vibram 5-fingers.

I have a few friends that wear em and like em. I've never tried em.

Basically the thought is you run on yer midfoot and forward, right? Natural shock absorbtion from all the bones in yer forefoot.

midfoot strike, yes. But not just midfoot & forward.

Midfoot footplant, slightly later in your gate than if you were aiming for a heel strike (so that your leg is not so far in front of you). The initial strike flattens out the front of your foot, yes. Keeping your foot relaxed, the momentum of your weight will naturally compress the bone structure of your arch, rolling the pressure rearward onto the heel before your body fully passes over your foot. The calf-driven toe-off happens after the body passes over, so, it's not entirely a midfoot forward gate...which would really blow out your calves fairly quick.
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