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Originally Posted by Sniper X
I vowed to NEVER wear crocks...but have been ALL SUMMER! After wearing a pair my Gf bought me without asking me if I would wear them. It took about 5 minutes to decide they weren't for weirdos after I found out how comfortable they were and how cool my feet stayed all summer! At first I said, No friggin way would I out something that looks that friggin gay on my feet. (No offense to gay people! It's only a figure of speach, like redneck)..

On these glove shoes, No way would I every put anything that friggin gay on my feet.......
Till your GF buy you a pair, huh?

I've seen people wear these walking around. Now, if you're running, it's not a big deal but I see people who aren't the running type wearing them with their regular clothes and they look awful... Troll Feet is right. I've heard some people commute with them, too. I guess in SF, it's considered avant-garde but elsewhere, they're just ugly. I have yet to see a gay person wear those though. They tend to have a good sense of taste.
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