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Originally Posted by metal
It was mounted correctly, so I was pretty bummed it happened. I think the mounting system isn't stiff enough side to side. I think what happened was that I hit a series of pretty hard G-outs and the tank swun in just enough to hit my chain.

The 2 inserts that go into the tank ripped out and the metal bracket got badly bent/mangled. I'm not sure what order this all happened.

The tank was pretty much full at the time, so I think the weight helped it swing inwards. I smelled the gas first and looked down and saw the problem. Luckily I was close to a pit and was able to ride back to the last pit before my chase guys were gone.
Out pit strategy was gone now as I would have to pit where we were originally just going to skip or do ride-bys.
Metal you aren't the first person this has happend to. Mine ripped out as well as a buddy's. I've since slowed down and don't ride my SE like it's my 525. I'm hoping this will fix the problem, but I realize not everyone wants to do that with the SE...
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