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Originally Posted by queenpdog
I just read your whole ride report. Good thing I didn't have anything important to do tonight. Really good stuff. I'm glad to see that the Striple is a bike that can hold up for many 10's of thousands of miles. When are you going to finish the report?

A few pics of your relay install would be really helpful. I'm pretty mechanical, but I don't know much about electronics so I have been holding off on doing this job. I do have a soldering iron and have experience using that. Did you also install an accessory socket? I have a powerlet socket to install, but that item came with a pretty good plug and play setup. Looking forward to any tech support you can provide (and also the end of your report).


P.S. almost forgot....was that a ventura rack you had your Pelican mounted to? I'm wondering what became of the rack after the ride. I have heard of a few of the arms breaking and that ventura is pretty good about replacing them if that problem occurs. I'll have to keep an eye on mine.
I hope to finish the report up in the next week or so. I only have two days left and I've post processed most of the photos so far.

I'll put together some info for you on equipping our bikes for electrical accessories as stock we don't get any nifty outlets to tap into. If you don't add a nice distribution system your battery terminals will look frighting quickly. I have seen an install where a powerlet socket was installed in the top of the radiator cowl. This would be nice for access as well as hiding the wires. To do this you will be at a minimum popping up the tank but it would be easier just to remove it so you can run the wires cleanly.

As for my luggage that is the venture rack holding up my huge Pelican (1650). I still have the gargantuan zip ties on there. I plan to weld the rails back up as they are not bend and add a bar to the passenger pegs to triangulate the rig. I'd send them back but to be honest id feel bad as i exceeded their rated capacity by at least 40lbs. As a special note the zip ties are holding up nicely.
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