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Originally Posted by conchscooter
I want to like the Enfield unit construction motor but I think it will take a few more years to find out if it really is capable of a sustained 70mph. Reading the Royal Enfield forum it is clear there are issues with the bike that haven't yet been sorted out and factory reliability is not up to the standards I expect from a modern motorcycle manufacturer.
From what I have read (here on advrider!) Indian roads are good for 45 mph with bursts to sixty on open roads if you are brave (foolhardy). If an Indian assembled bike is to work on US roads it has to be capable of higher speeds to be safe. US drivers are an impatient lot. And even though road maintenance is falling away in this prolonged "double dip" Depression we are still expected to do more than walking speed on main roads.
I am not interested in wrenching to keep a bike roadworthy. Nuts and bolts falling off were a royal pain when I was a youngster and bikes vibrated. Broken electricals from wires snapping and bulbs breaking from vibrations are fun to recall but were no fun at the time. Vibration wrecks an engine faster and in more ways than youngsters reared on ultra smooth motorbikes can imagine. It doesn' do your fillings much good either.
I am not feeling adventurous and would rather see others spend $6000+ on a motorcycle that is essentially unproven. Pretty as it is.
You're talking about the handful of folks who have had issues. Every bike has some. You don't hear from the ones who have nothing to complain about, like my brother and the several other people I know who have the new motor. This notion of constant wrenching on the new bikes is nonsense. No sweat if you don't want one, but you're not exactly speaking from experience in your assessment.

My own Bullet is the old motor (well sorted and very reliable, but yes limited to 60mph cruising with bursts up to 80), but if I could buy a new bike right now it would be one of the new Bullets or an Ural sT.

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