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In a burst of nostalgia I bought a Stella scooter. I was so excited to be back on a P series Vespa. I put 2600 miles on the thing. Then the oil pump failed (factory issue as the pump gears were defective and the pump failed to pump causing a seizure), I sold the $4,000 scooter back to the dealer for $1500 and washed my hands of it.
In the six months I owned it the Stella lost nuts and bolts all over the place. The light switch failed, the rear wheel hub nut repeatedly came loose. The clutch nut fell off. The shifter lever got stuck. The glovebox door rattled incessantly. The paint peeled. It was a nightmare. And the performance was feeble, against an advertised 60mph the Stella could barely hit 50mph and against a headiwnd it got 35mph if I was lucky.
After that debacle my wife said: No more Indian.
Reading the Enfield website there is a problem with unit engined bikes weaving to a degree that has firightened the riders on some bikes.
Is that acceptable? Other failure invovled poor assmebly at the factory.
Indian build quality is not where it needs to be to charge $6,000+ for a motorcycle.
It bother me that others could end up in the lemon situation I was in without having their eyes open to that possibility.

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