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Checked out the under seat location and unfortunately there is neither enough room nor the ability to orientate the control unit in a vertical position. Played around with the under tank location a bit more and I am very happy how this will fit and with the bonus that it will be nicely hidden away.

Unfortunately, I hit a snag with trying to connect the cruise control cable to the throttle linkage. Here's a picture of the top half of what I was playing with:

Just looking at the picture, you might expect that twisting the throttle would rotate the linkage clockwise. However, the linkage works the other way, with a throttle twist turning the linkage counter clockwise. This has the effect of making the business side of the cruise control cable underneath the throttle linkage where access is somehat tight.

The first thing I tried was to connect a loop connector to the accelerator T-connector, but unfortunately the fit of the original connector was so tight that there was no way it would accommodate another cable being looped around it.

Next up was to try to utilise a spare hole already drilled in the throttle linkage by looping a loop connector through. While this fitted, the connection would not reliably stay within the cable slot and could become ineffective in its ability to pull the throttle linkage.

There are only two realistic options left that I can see, the first being to drill a hole in the tang shown in the following picture and connect an eyelet connector underneath. I am hesitant to drill while I am in the prototype stage, so I'll reserve this one to be my last best hope.

The other option is to go back to the top of the throttle assembly and instead pull to the left instead of the right from somewhere near the little tang on the top right of the throttle linkage.

Anyway, it's wine o'clock now so I've left the uncomfort of the garage for the comfort of the lounge with a glass (or 2) of red wine. If anyone has any suggestions regarding what I have done so far or for what I could look at for tomorrow's garage session, I'd much appreciate it.
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