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Originally Posted by Bendernz
Fellow TDMers I hope you can help me. I'm looking at adding an accessory plug to my 1996 TDM 859 MkII (4TX model).

Originally I planned to hard wire it to the battery terminals (with a fuse on the positive side).

But I read on another forum that there are remote leads beneath the seat that I can access (saves pulling the battery). Can I add an accessory plug to these? If I do, can I plug a battery conditioner into this plug to keep the battery topped up when I am unable to ride the bike.

Be interested to know how this might all work out.

Are these the remote elads?

That is your starter solenoid. The cable with the red cover comes directly from the battery, the other one goes to the starter. You can pull power from the cable that goes to the battery, can also hook a charger up there. Any bolt in that area that goes to the frame will work for a ground. That's how I wired my charger.
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