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Hope someone can help, im new to the gps world so bare with me.

I have a nuvi500 with city nav. and shonkymaps.
I have mapsource and base camp software.

When i start up the mapsource, i can only view the shonkymaps mapping, even with the nuvi connected up to the pc.
Why cant i view city nav. in mapsource?
(city nav. came pre installed in the nuvi500, i dont have any disc's).

If i start up base camp, and the nuvi connected up to pc, i can view shonky maps and city nav. maps now.
But, for some reason if i send to device from this program a map i routed, i do a search for custom routes, the device finds it and i click import file... So far so good, right?
Then as you've clicked import file, my nuvi500 goes blank/switches off!
I dont know whats going on there...

I dont have this problem if i send to device using mapsource, but like i said, i cant view city nav. in mapsource.

Anyone have any tips?
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