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Originally Posted by Boojum
Hummmm, just what might you have there, drummer dude?
On the trailer is;
-a 1969 BMW R60/2 with a Hollandia sidecar. My understanding is that Hollandia bought out Steib and this is a copy of the tr500. Supposedly, parts are interchangable between the Setib and Hollandia (hopefully). This rig has the "S" transmission, if that means anything.
-a 1957 BMW /2 conversion. It's got a VW engine. It has the "sport" tank, I think it's called.

In the bed of the truck is;
-a small box of goodies.
-a pair of Wixom side bags and a Wixom top case.
-a Wixom fairing with lowers.
-an Avon fairing with lowers.
-spare windshields.

In "the mail" is;
-a Hoske RS4 39-liter tank.

Originally Posted by datchew
Looks like you had a trip to Texas after all.

This is a good example of what happens when you know what you want, but you're not desperate.

After tons of emails, the guy wanted $X amount for the sidecar rig, plus shipping. Too rich for my blood, so I gracefully tapped out.

A couple weeks pass, and he emails me out of the blue, telling me he has to make space. So, he lowered the price $500 and threw in the /2 conversion and all the goodies/fairings/bags, and he'd meet me half way between Missouri and Texas.

I didn't get the worlds best deal, but I got a good deal on what I wanted and we're both happy.

Now, who wants to donate to the cause?

Oh, and to the road surfaces of Oklahoma: In Missouri, we have signs that say "Bump ahead" or "Rough Surface" if there's something noteworthy coming up. I think Oklahoma should have signs that "Smooth road ahead" if it weren't for the fact that there is no smooth road.


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