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Originally Posted by Sundowner
It was the caked on mud that really tipped the insurance guy over the edge. He could tell it was never looked after properly.
hey!... it would have been more damaged without that extra 'protection'

Originally Posted by Sundowner
.... Give us a buzz when you get back to town - Gatey and I want to take you to Semaphore and use you as MILF bait. We're gonna chain you out on the beer garden lawn and see what we can catch. Hopefully something female. Plus drink in some beer and blues music.
thats just WRONG! and probably illegal!!
(i'll be in touch in the next day or 2 to lock in a day/time )

Originally Posted by Sundowner
Have you seen the photo's of the new Triumph 800 yet? I'm liking it a lot.
it poped up in the g-spot/parrallel universe section... and to be honest, gotta agree with 'someone' in there... "stupid bloody triumph site"..

stuffed around in there a bit but couldnt get a good look at the bike... so it seems triuphs website has turned me off their new bike without me even seeing it (much like one chat to the sales guy at adelaide bmw talked me out of buying a bike off him... .. would still use their service thou)

Originally Posted by Undersea4x2
Don't want to put too much doom on you but get in and ask the serious questions on the leg if it still hurts like hell and doesn't look to be healing.
I thought that all the medics had it under control but after pushing HARD in phyiso and thinking "no pain , no gain". They finally sent me for a cat scan and , "hellooooooo" your leg hasn't healed and we have to do it again................
yeah, i did push a bit as to what else could be done... and to be honest, it doesnt really hurt.. havent had any painkillers in 6 weeks or so.. but yeah, pushed the doc a bit more and he asured me it there was anything else they could do they would do it.. plate is not an option yet... and it seems the middle third of fibula isnt that 'important' anyway... just the top and bottom bits are needed...hence why the screwed those 2 bits to my tibia...

i just wanted to be Gone, Again....

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