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Sanity check

Need some help on a decision I've been weighing on for a year now. Ever since I saw the Buell Uly XT I thought that's the bike I should have gotten. But you can't beat the classic good looks and raw power combo of the the bike I currently own. See pics below.

So, my decision: Do I quick sale my anniversary edition Harley (knowing "the motor company" will NEVER go out of business and where parts are $$ but plentiful) in order to buy an Uly XT, which is a solid bike and I will probably ride more but parts are scarce (or are they?).

Trying to drive the discussion away from comfort level, because I have ridden both and can attest to their greatness. Some areas might be overall NADA value (where I believe the Harley wins), to versatility, to parts/maintenance.

I hope I haven't sidetracked this thread, but I wanted to hear from my fellow Harley owners first!
working on the pics, I'll do it later tonight...
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