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I figured it out, ive seen someone post a mention of a third party program and with that i was able to select convert route with invisible via points, it then converted my routes without all the via points, just left the map as i made it with start and end.

That will do for now, while i continue to learn and figure it out.
Program is called WinGDB3, it has some good conversions by the looks of it, can convert tracks to routes as well.

Im not sure how many via points i was making when tracing my map, i was just clicking and following the map/route i wanted to go and every click i made (every turn basically) leaves this via point, correct?(small black dot), theres way too many of them for me to tell you how many via points there was, i dont know how to minimize them in a non routable program such as shonkymaps.

But thanks to all, i was able to make my map for the trip coming up :)
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