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I have the city nav pre loaded into the unit(australian full map), however it doesnt have all the firetrails ill be going on so cant use it.

I also have the shonkymaps on my sd card which is inside the unit as well, and will be using that to navigate as that has the firetrails i need, but yes, that map is non routable so i have to basically draw the map lines manually the way i want to travel.

I tried looking up the "off road" routing but not sure where that setting is.
In EDIT>PREFERENCES>DISPLAY there is an option for route avoidance 1.OFF/2.ON/3.AUTO
Is this what your talking about? and i should have it set to off?

I see what you mean by if i go off my route, but if im using the shonkymap which is not routable, i should not have a problem, i just got to follow the map lines, yea?

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