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Originally Posted by Jeffy
Ah, thanks!

I got my tires mounted and it wasn't too bad. The slime thorn tubes are thick! The tires are Conti Gravity 2.3's. Conti is very optimistic with their sizing. It's more like a 2.1. Fits the frame easily. I was able to get all of the shifters and brake cables adjusted as well. Ratchet straps over the exposed rafter sure beats working on it on the ground.

I rode it a whole mile and almost died. Never stopped but my muscles didn't like it. I need to build up the muscles again. 15 years of lounging has taken their toll. I had a guy offer me some new wheels and V Paul Brakes if I wanted to go SS. I think I'll take him up on that offer. I know I'll have to buy new levers but that's not a big deal. I want to get some bar ends and I'll definitely need some bar plugs. I don't need to be taking any core samples.

The bike looks a lot better with some decent tires on. At 50 PSI they roll pretty fast. I've scrubbed 90% of them but need more seat time before I can feel confidant cutting turns.

Looks like it came out pretty good.
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