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Originally Posted by beemerron
I'm new to RVing and a full timer. My site in on the Columbia River about 20 miles north of Portland.
For insulation help try furniture blankets, the kind used by movers. I use them in flight to plug up the drafts where my camera deploys through the airplane. You'll also get some sound isolation as well.

I'm close to pulling the trigger on a similar vintage class c. For the last few years I've been heading out to So Cal around February for a few months just to remind some clients that I'm still alive. Usually I take the truck and bike and stay with a friend. Even though my friend is great and the invite still stands, I want to do the RV thing. The wife and I did a few months in my parents class A in 03 and I've been itching to do it again.

The biggest obstacle for me now is the lack of "sanctioned camp space" near the Greater Burbank Metropolitan area. I don't mind grabbing some shut-eye in a parking lot, but the idea of street camping for two months is out of the question. Plus those sunsets don't look quite as pretty from the parking lot of Ralphs

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